News; Wrong Cooking Methods Will Lead to Obesity

Published: Sunday 31 August, 2014

Cooking is actually a profound learning. However, you're most likely to get fat if you use the wrong cooking methods. Want to know what are they? Click Zi Xiu Tang for more information!

1. Use inappropriate oil

Once the edible oil exceeds the smoke point, the fatty acids in oil will begin to produce toxins, free radicals, and even trans fat. The oil that's healthier for cooking should be walnut oil and olive oil, because they can be eaten raw or used for cooking. While coconut oil, grape seed oil and sunflower oil higher are suitable for frying and barbecuing, as they have higher smoke points. These 5 types of oil mentioned here are preferred for cooking.

2. Cook too much food

Most of us usually cook much food for our family members to show our love, however, this will also lead to weight gain. How to make your family members full with the right amount of food while not affect your slimming experience with Bee Pollen is really a profound learning.

3. Bake without pan or grilling

Baking is a good way to reduce the calories in food. For example, in the oven, if beef, pork, chicken, duck and goose can be put on a pan or grill, the fat will be fully filtered.

4. Add no seasonings

Some people think it unnecessary to add seasonings in a healthy cuisine, instead, only the smell of sugar, salt and food fat is needed. They may don't know that these three elements are the cause of weight gain. Spices like coriander, pepper and zxt slimming capsules maybe not delicious, but they can boost your metabolism, increase vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Therefore, they can not be omitted during the cooking process.