1 Box Zi Xiu Tang

1 Box Zi Xiu Tang

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100% Herbal Slimming Product, Shape Body!
Amazing Effect, 10-15 Pounds Less in One Month!
High Quality Product, No Side Effect, No rebounding!
Wholesale Price, Value For Money, Free Shipping!
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1 Box Zi Xiu Tang Save 80% Off or More! Please kindly note www.originalzxt.com is our only official website.
Zi Xiu Tang Diet is superior to most weight loss products for several reasons. First of all, it’s absolutely risk-free. It’s made up of bioactive substances extracted from 100% natural plant. Then Zi Xiu Tang can control excessive eating and cravings. By reducing fat from your hips, arms, buttocks and face, Zi Xiu Tang works great in reshaping your figure while still making your skin elastic. Last but not least, Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen provides a natural energy boost to your metabolism and helps clean all the toxins out.  
[Specification] We sell by set that includes 60 pills in total, 48 pills in a bottle and 12 in a box. 
[Dosage] Take only 2 grains once a day, with or without food in the morning. 
[Targeted Group] Office Workers with Few Exercises; fressers; new moms; fashion beauties who worry about side effects like diarrhea, stomachache, anorexia, strength lack; people who failed to control and lose weight with diet or sports; people who lose weight many times but rebound, etc.  
[Unsuitable] Not for adolescents, elderly people, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, people who suffer from liver, kidney, heart disease, high blood pressure etc., depression people or anyone with bee or pollen allergies
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If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact us directly!
Basically we accept returns if you receive damaged goods and please show us pictures
Notice: Please make sure your shipping address and contact number are correct, otherwise you will cover all the fees for reshipment, wish you can understand. 

Customers Reviews:

5 Stars ( Total 27 Reviews)
Love zxt by Carole May
ive been taking these miracle pills, and so far hav gone from 175 to 160, I love it, i am also on weight watchers but i know the pills helps a lot, i have a much smaller appetite and i am quite active, i only have a bit of dry mouth and no other side effects, i personally recommend this product

Effective by Jodi Walker
My mom and I have both been taking these things for about 3 weeks and both have been experiencing dry mouth but we also have lost some pounds, my mom has dropped 3.5kgs and i have lost 4lbs, we are really happy with current results, they suppress our appetite and when eating foods, it doesn’t even taste the same...

Good results by Katherine Pierce
These zi xiu tang capsuled do work! I have used them for a month and actually i just weighed myself today, i am really excited to find i have lost a stone! This is really amazing as i have struggled to lose weight for a long time but every time i can just reduce about 4-6..as many others said, it does give dry mouth, i just drink lots of water, i am very satisfied with this capsules

I am satisfied with Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen capsules so far, I lost 12 pounds in 1 1/2 months with no workouts or anything, I have noticed that it does dehydrate, but I just drink more water and I'm fine. It really does curb the appetite, so I literally have to force myself to eat at least 3 meals a day...

Love them by Ebony Anderson
I weighed 198 after I had the baby and but after taking the zi xiu tang pills, I weigh 171 now, really love them

Happy slimming by Kelly Mack
I have been on them for 2 weeks and I am happy about my changes, I now have health meal and no snacks as it really controls appetite, I dropped 5~6 lbs now and i def will buy it again from u nxt time, cheers!

Awesome by Genevieve White
Awesome zi xiu tang! I am really happy with the effect I got from it, I have shrunk down to size 14 from a size 18! I recommend these great tablets as long as you can bear some side effect like thirsty, trouble sleeping and much extra energy. For me they are OK

Effective product by Glenda Barnett
I was160 after pregnancy and just wanted to weight same as before, I started to use these zi xiu tang bee pollen pills 2 months ago and i also went to gym 3 tms a week, now I am about 130 =) thank you so much for effective product, i will recommend you

Order again by Shannon Sullivan
2nd order, Zi Xiu Tang is wonderful, they really work and i have lost 15lbs so far without doing any other things except taking 2 zixiutang capsules everyday

Besides the seating and dry mouth, i don’t have any other side effects, i have been taking it for a month, seeing good results, i started 80kgs and i am now at 73kgs =)

it works by Lisa Farmer
I did get the dry mouth feeling and appetite is cut, i like the effect, hope it can continue

amazing pills by Rosalie Austin
I am amazed with my result so far, i have used them for a month and i have lost 12 lbs, i didn’t do any exercise, only eat less due to suppressed appetite LOL

so far very good by Melody Weaver
I heard it from a friend who have reduced a lot with zi xiu tang so i was excited to order them, i have been taking it for 2 weeks since then and i am quite happy i have lost 4lbs, just hope the effect will be faster :)

thanks by Patricia Holland
I have received the zi xiu tang pills today and have checked the code of the bottles, happy to find they are authentic, thank you

I am happy  by Dixie Schneider
I have 10 days taking the pills so far and i have lost 5 lbs LOL, i am amazed and i am really willing to recommend it

After seeing the results from a friend, I have finally decided to purchase these capsules! I work out and try to maintain healthy eating habits so I hope my success is as good as hers, 30 pounds in 2 months

thank you by Kay Coleman
I am on it for just 3 days but appetite seemed be suppressed, i used to eat a lot and always hungry at night but now no, i am very excited, i hope i can lost some weight after a period

I like it by Brenda Reese
I have lost 15lbs with the pills along with going to the gym 3 times a week and keep it off

It's the extra energy that really has me excited. I eat healthier and do exercise. With the help of bee pollen diet pills I lost 18 lbs last month. I hope I can always get the good result as expected.

good product by Cecil Harvey
At first, I am impatient to wait the reply from the customers, I can not understand why I contact them online at daytime, no one answered me. I was not happy but I can get their answer by email, suddenly I understand the time difference, they are from China. I am satisfied with the pills and customer service. Good online shopping experience.

I know that any pills may have some hidden ingredients to help you reduce fat, I am afraid about it and just ordered one box to have a try, now, I only have 5 days’ supply left and have no bad feeling so far, I will order more soon, thanks.

I was unsure about this product before I bought it but now I'm a believer. In 3 weeks I lost 12 pounds without dieting. And I am not starving all the time anymore. I will definitely be using this product for a long time and feel confident in this product.

effective by Carmen Garner
I am on the zi xiu tang pills for about 3 weeks, not sure weight wise but know i have one down in size, i appreciate its effectiveness

I have taken this pills for a week now, every week down 2 lbs. I am satisfied with the result as there is no side effects for me. That is good for me, I don't want to go crazy, little by little is acceptable.

I've been on zi xiu tang for 3months and nothing has changed, except my weight. And I even didn't feel the dry mouth as someone else said. I'm starting to think, it just depends on your body but most of us have a good result.

this is my third month , I’m now 200 pounds. It helps my digestion, helps keep me regular and gives me more energy everyday. I am really satisfied with this product .

it works great. by Aubrey Rose
Not only did the product arrive at my house 5 days earlier than expected, it works great. I have more energy now and am sleeping better. Five star.